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Businesses shocked...

Sensational new way to Make £2380 from home revealed by a trusted insider

Let me ask you a question...

Have you ever wished you could make money from home, working when you want, and taking as much time off as you please?  So did I.  And 7 years ago I set out to do it.

earn money online nowThe answer was in the casinos.  But I am no gambler.  Far from it!  I'm a mathematician.  But I realized that there is so much money to be made in casinos that if I could find a way to access a small part of that legally then I could do very very well.

Now I am a member of the tiny club of users that the casinos fear. I have learned how to beat the system and walk away with big winnings, time after time, while dramatically reducing the chance of a loss.

This is the system that has shocked casinos across France, and is now being discovered in the UK and even in the United States!



It's this simple: Decide right now you want to be one of these people, and less than 7 days from today you WILL be a member of a very exclusive group of people. The small group of people that can literally walk away with handfuls of cash from the roulette table - every time.

When you follow the Mayer Roulette Strategy, we'll take you by the hand and together show you exactly how to execute this blindingly effective strategy to create your own life-long income stream just from playing roulette.

I say this with confidence because this system is now so comprehensively tested and proven that I offer a 100 % Money-back GUARANTEE if you do not make a minimum of £2000 in your first month. If you are still unsure please feel free to email me for full terms of the safeguard guarantee.


But here's the interesting part... ANYONE can re-use this casino-busting system provided 1) you understand the secrets I'll give you, and 2) you're willing to follow the easy-to-follow steps in the Mayer roulette system.

This is a real "eye-opening" moment
That Will Last Your Whole Lifetime...


So, if there is a way to win consistently why haven't the casinos clamped down and changed the rules? Well the brief answer is that they cant!

To understand why you will need to go back to the origins of the roulette and the science of game theory. We'll cover that in more detail below but suffice to say that the casinos are quite happy with the situation as it is. After all when they make money from 98.2% of players then they are quite happy to lose on the occasional professional gamer. Their fear is that the number of winners using a casino-killing system like this should grow, but as I will show you that is not likely to happen for a very long time.


I am offering a small number of people the secrets to this technique. A simple to follow strategy guide that outlines exactly what you need to do to go from being a casual roulette player to a winning professional.

The guide takes you from the background of roulette through to the mathematics of winning and into a simple and easy to follow system that WILL turn you into a winner. This guide is the result of 7 years of intense study of the game and of the mathematics of game theory - all to increase the net cashflow to you.

roulete system

You could call me a roulette geek. I have tested the system on over 100 roulette games, both online and in real casinos, and from Sept 2002 to Jul 2024 I have refined it to further reduce losses and increase the winnings. I am now one of the UK's foremost experts on the game and I am offering this incredible depth of expertise to you in my Mayer Roulette Strategy

And the best bit of all? This strategy is perfectly legal and the casinos cant stop you. Unless of course they change their rules. But even if that were to happen there are a thousand other casinos that you could go to. Best of all your earnings from playing are 100% tax free. It really is like tapping into a new source of cash that you can access whenever you have a spare 15 minutes to play.

The Mayer Roulette Strategy is like
tapping into a fountain of wealth


I guarantee you: This will be the easiest money you have ever made.

Just to give you a REAL idea of what this amazing technique can make you I have detailed below my winnings from 1st June to 8th June this year. Bear in mind that this is far from my best week. I have often made more than triple this, but this is taken straight from my last bank statement:

Initial Bank
Game Played
William Hill
European Roulette
888 Casino
European Roulette
Biarritz Casino (not online)
French Roulette
Royal Vegas
European Roulette
£ 3520

That's a total of £3520 in the first week of last month alone - TAX FREE!


What my system does NOT offer:

bullet A guessing game - If you came for a guessing system then you should just close this  page, because here you do not have to guess anything. And you know why? Because in  most of the cases your guess is simply wrong (this I can guarantee), even if you are a very  lucky person. Wait for 5 reds, then bet Black? Are you balmy? That's just pure chance
bullet A high bank requirement - Another trick of the scammers. You've probably heard about this, like you need a deposit of over £5000, so you can play with large bets and have large  winnings. WHO Needs This? Only a loser would follow this awful idea. Only a fool would invest his money in a system without knowing if it works or not. Why can’t you start betting with $0.1 or $1 chips? And after checking the system and being sure that it consistently wins you can increase the bet. Bear this important mantra in mind. Let your bankroll increase ONLY  from your winnings and not from your pocket
bullet 38 conditions to follow - Right. This is the worst system. And even you can't request a refund from a scammer like this. Who will be able to remember those 38 cases  when to make the bets, what to bet, how much, etc? So if you came here to find a  roulette e-book of 10,000 pages that you have to study for the next 20 years of your life,  then you know what you have to do. Drop it like a hot potato. Exit. Leave.
bullet A system that works online only - WHAT?. This is another common one. Someone touts you a system but then it only "works" at a few casinos of their choice. Rubbish. If the system works you should be able to apply it to all casinos, including the machines you get at the bookmakers. If it doesn't - its because its a fake!


Now, compare that to what I'm offering:

Mayer Roulette Strategy
Other "roulette systems"
Low Risk and High reward:
Quick And Easy To Get Started: 
tick w
Work from home:
tick w
Works at online casinos
tick w
Works at the bookies
Works at real casinos
Quick And Easy To Get Started: 
100% 90-day Money-back guarantee
High Profit Return: 
Unlimited ongoing customer support:


If you are genuine about changing your roulette playing experience. If you want to be able to maximize winnings and minimize your losses with this easy-to-follow, step-by-step roulette strategy all you need to do is click below.


roulette strategy box


Normal price - £159.99

PROMOTION price just £10
until stocks last

(Test price as my site is being updated)

with 100%, no quibble, money-back guarantee!


NOTE: You will have instant access to the materials. If you require them on CD you may request that FREE OF CHARGE



So how did the roulete system work out for the first people I shared it with?

"The results were phenomenal. At the end of the first 5 days every single casino I had played at had paid out. On average when I used this system I walked away with £238 a day" " reports Andrew.

The final testing, after 7 years of refinement, had been phenomenally successful. And with the number of online casinos snowballing recently, the possibilities to keep using the system are near endless.

"In my first week I walked away with £1380 - tax free - and I loved every minute of playing"

Another player who signed up to the Mayer Technique was John Andell from Glasgow, Scotland.

laptop cash"I've got to admit it, I was skeptical," John says. "Roulette is a game I know well and I play it online and in the casinos. I've tried Roulette systems without any success so I was pretty dubious. I agreed to give the Mayer technique a shot. And sure enough, it delivered exactly what was promised. In fact, I won £221 in my very first hour of playing!"

Not only is this system bringing John and Andrew this financial reward but as John reports "...playing using the Mayer Technique really increases the pleasure I get from roulette".


If you're still dubious...
This sounds too good to be true?

Unlike a number of other "systems" that you can find this one is based upon simple yet stunningly effective mathematical probability theory, combined with a little known secret available only to a small number of casino insiders. This secret alone is enough to ensure that your winnings from each and every casino exceed the chance of a loss.

Unlike some charlatan outfits this system makes no false promises. It is simple yet stunningly effective.

And to enjoy that kind of success you don't have to be a technical genius or a maths expert...far from it, in fact.

This roulette system is design for use by anyone that has access to a computer.

So what makes this system different to others you may have heard of?

  • This system is mathematically proven to ensure you win. I have conducted literally thousands of test runs using simulation software, and these tests have been independently verified to show a 94.38% success rate over 100 spins.
  • The system has nothing to do with luck.
  • The system doesn't involve placing combination bets and it certainly has nothing to do with stake leveraging.
  • The system comes with everything you need to get started in less than one hour
  • This system works in both online and real casinos, and is just as effective in both.
  • This system is elaborate, yet beautifully simple - which is why you will use it to both increase your enjoyment and increase your winnings

I am so confident that you will be delighted with this technique that I can offer the following money-back guarantee.

Follow the system and make £2000 profit in your first month or get 100% money back GUARANTEED. Now I couldn't offer this guarantee unless I knew how well this system has been perfected to increase your winnings.

By offering this guarantee you can use the system with NO RISK, knowing that I will refund you the full purchase amount if you are not 100% satisfied.

I accept payment by Paypal or Nochex, whichever is most convenient. And as well as buying this system you are entitles to unlimited email support for the first 90 days


Buy now...

roulette strategy box

Normal price - £159.99

PROMOTION price just £10
until stocks last

(Test price as my site is being updated)

with 100%, no quibble, money-back guarantee!


NOTE: You will have instant access to the materials. If you require them on CD you may request that FREE OF CHARGE


Beat the casinos at roulette


If you are still unsure I have included some testimonials from delighted customer below. The successes-stories below are all genuine letters I have received from grateful customers.


roulette customer

"...The more I use it, the more it impresses me. I've got at least 50 times the value from The Mayer roulette system.

I like The Mayer roulette system more and more each day because it makes me love playing roulette. I walk away with cash in hand every single time I play. Thank-you!"

Kenneth Jackson



roulete winner

“...In my first month I made £2372 from playing Roulette just at online casinos

I don’t know how I ever played without it. I would gladly pay over £600 for The Mayer roulette system."

Sue Price



roulete winner

“...Guys. Thanks for the producing this system. I've never been a big casino player in the past because I always lost my money.

Now whenever I play people are amazed that I walk away a confident winner. And the ladies love it!

Thanks guys"

Hussein Ahmed

And my ebay Feedback really says it all. Here is a selection of recent feedback, copied straight in from eBay where I used to sell this system.

  Feedback / Item From / Price Date/Time
Positive feedback rating Super-Excellent Service; Great System. A Winner. Delighted/Grateful. Thank You. Buyer: 20-Sep-14 14:37
  New Roulette System. WINNING Roulet betting strategy (#230291744044) 10.00 View Item
Positive feedback rating Great Ebayer Thanks Buyer: 03-Sep-14 18:19
  New Roulette System. WINNING Roulet betting strategy (#230282443583) 19.99 View Item
Positive feedback rating excellent service Buyer: 02-Sep-14 17:31
  New Roulette System. WINNING Roulet betting strategy (#230284865305) 19.99 View Item
Positive feedback rating excellent seller ,no problems at all,fast transaction Buyer: 01-Sep-14 10:36
  Mayer Roulette Strategy - GUARANTEED Win technique (#230272590181) 14.99 View Item
Positive feedback rating thanks for your product. Better than i thought Buyer: 28-Aug-14 14:44
  New Roulette System. WINNING Roulet betting strategy (#230282443583) 19.99 View Item
Positive feedback rating Very helpful, would recommend this seller, thanks for your help AA++ Buyer:
jantar49 ( 6 )
27-Aug-14 17:16
  Roulette Strategy - 100% GUARANTEED casino win system (#230278851230) 3.19 View Item
Positive feedback rating Fast delivery. Many thanks, will give it a go Buyer: 23-Aug-14 19:04
  New Roulette System. WINNING Roulet betting strategy (#230282443583) 19.99 View Item
Positive feedback rating Thankyou for a fast transaction! Excellent communication! Buyer: 21-Aug-14 09:11
  New Roulette System. WINNING Roulet betting strategy (#230282443583) 19.99 View Item
Positive feedback rating GREAT SYSTEM,WILL DEFINETLY USE THIS Buyer: 16-Aug-14 08:15
  New Roulette System. WINNING Roulet betting strategy (#230281337123) 19.99 View Item
Positive feedback rating Great seller, email enquiry answered straight away, disc delivered promptly, working well so far. Buyer: 13-Aug-14 13:42
  Roulette Strategy - 100% GUARANTEED casino win system (#230278856353) 14.99 View Item


PS: Remember, there's absolutely no risk to you in trying the incredible Mayer Roulette strategy, the worlds best roulette system...

*** A Promise to You ***
Our Rock-Solid Guarantee

If you are not delighted
If you follow the technique in the Mayer roulette strategy at the recommended vetted casinos and don't make £2000 profit in the first month then I will give you 100% money-back. Guaranteed.

All you need to do is follow the simple yet incredibly powerful system to literally raid the casinos you choose. To hit £1000 in the first week you will want to dedicate about 12 hours in total to playing. Of course, many people prefer to play slower and over a longer period which is why I am extending the assurance to a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

roulete system


PS: I understand that buying a roulette strategy guide may seem like a waste of time to you, despite the 100% guarantee. So I wanted to share an email that Sarah Attenborough sent to the office a few months ago:

From: Sarah Attenborough
Sent: Tuesday, June 2, 2014 11:42 AM
Subject: Thanks


Many thanks for the Mayer Roulette Strategy that I purchased from you 2 months ago.

I have to admit I was pretty skeptical with the claims that I could use this to beat the casinos. However I have used it to great success.

In my first week I made over £240, playing just 3 hours in total. Since then I play almost every night, taking home on average £1230 per week.

Not only was the Mayer system clear and easy to follow but I found it increased my gaming pleasure hugely. My enthusiasm is rubbing off on my friends and they cant believe it when they see me win over and over again while they keep making the same mistakes.

Many thanks again!



roulette strategy box


Normal price - £159.99

PROMOTION price just £10
until stocks last

(Test price as my site is being updated)

with 100%, no quibble, money-back guarantee!


NOTE: You will have instant access to the materials. If you require them on CD you may request that FREE OF CHARGE


NOTICE: I Can’t Guarantee This Offer Will Be Available After Midnight tonight, 22/07/2024

As I mentioned before, the Mayer Roulette Strategy in incredibly powerful way to take your earnings back into your own hands. I don't need to sell it at all - and certainly not at these levels.

So as always, I reserve the right to restore the price to normal levels at any time. And once the price goes up I will not lower it again, so please don't email me and ask for it at the lower price.


P.S. Remember, when you get the Mayer Roulette Strategy, you'll also get all the supporting materials and extras along with unlimited email support to help you get the most from the system and to ensure you profit from the roulette wheel at any casino you care to play at.

So don't hesitate any longer. Take the decision to make a fantastic living from home right now:

Click Here To Sign Up Right Now



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